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  • 3 Reasons to Be Passionate About Auditioning

    Fact: Every actor wants more auditions. But, as hard many of these actors work to get into the room, by the time they show up in it they look like it’s the last place they want to be. 
    For far too many actors the enthusiasm and excitement ends the moment after they find out they have an appointment. What follows—what I’ll loosely call “preparation”—ranges from a nightmarish guessing game of what the CD is looking for and how to deliver it, to an unfocused process of reading the piece over and over looking for magic that isn’t there. Then there’s the ever popular tactic of making bizarre, disconnected choices in an effort to be different from everyone else. Their “preparation” is actually shutting them down and divorcing them from their strength and creativity. The result is an edgy, uncertain, and disconnected actor. 
    And don’t kid yourself—all of that walks into the audition with you. The rooms are too small and the people in those small rooms are paid to stare into your soul. The frenzied quality of joyless, heady, neurotic preparation sticks to you like glue.
    Enough! Take a look at these three joyful experiences that auditioning has to offer

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