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  • 5 Ways Having a Child Actor Tests a Family’s Foundation

    There’s no doubt that being picked up by an agent or manager is one of the most exciting moments in a young actors life, but the decision a family makes when they sign a contract comes with its challenges. Over the course of the last decade, working with professional child actors has given me a unique insight into the hurdles families face when their child enters the business.
    It’s a singular pursuit. Love ice skating? Long to be on the tennis team? Interests outside of the acting business will have to fall by the wayside when a job gets booked. They may just be kids but they’re about to enter a very adult business. The realities of working include giving up plans with friends and sacrificing some of their outside pursuits. You’ll quickly know if your child is really ready for the challenge. If they love performing more than anything in the world and never view missing a social engagement or dropping out of an after school activity as a major sacrifice, they just may be in the right business.
    Sibling rivalry can be intense. Most young actors love being the center of attention. When you’re an only child, there isn’t anybody else in the home vying for the spotlight. However, when brothers and

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