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  • 4 Factors That Get Voice Actors Cast

    Have you ever heard a client say, “I’ll know it when I hear it?” Most businesses auditioning talent via the online voiceover marketplace are open to hearing a variety of reads. That said, they often make decisions based upon factors directly relating to their brand and how they want to be represented.
    So how do you know if you’re an ideal match for a project? In this article, you’ll discover four criteria clients use to determine which voice artist best resonates with their vision as they work toward achieving their goals. Be sure to take these into account before stepping up to the mic and submitting an audition.
    1. Brand sound. Every brand has a personality. Oftentimes, the way a brand presents itself is a projection of its company culture. Google, for instance, has a hip, innovative brand that values education and the documentation, preservation, and sharing of information. Having been to the Googleplex, I know firsthand that the way the company lives outwardly is the same way it lives internally. Everywhere you turn, there are friendly people, there’s good food, and an abundance of resources designed to enable creativity and productivity. To be the voice of Google, or any other company,

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