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  • 6 Financial Tips for a Successful Solo Show From Ben Rimalower

    I’m heading into the eighth month of my new solo play, “Bad With Money,” at the Duplex. My last show, “Patti Issues,” ran there for 14 months. I’m still, to coin a phrase, bad with money, but I’ve been able to make hits out of my scrappy little shows thanks to some kamikaze self-producing wisdom. Behold my 6 Financial Tips for a Successful Solo Show!
    Keep overhead low. This sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s crucial and often forgotten. How many cabaret debuts have I attended where the singer was accompanied by a seven-piece band? Then they can’t afford to perform again for a year. I wouldn’t advocate compromising important artistic choices unless absolute necessary, but there are many ways to scrimp and save. First, there’s the issue of venue. Playing somewhere inexpensive gives you a major leg up toward sustaining a long run and it’s ultimately you that the audience is coming to see. Do you need to print postcards or will online promotion be enough for your initial engagement? Are Facebook ads worth it? Can you wear clothing you already have?
    Be realistic and thorough about budget. The peanut butter to thriftiness’s jelly is keeping track of

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