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  • When Did We Stop Being Artists?

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about art and expression, and some of the fears that actors have as we try to explore the things that inspire us. There so much of an emphasis on doing “good” work, so much energy put into work that can propel you “to the next level.” I’ve started wondering: When did we stop creating art because it was fun to be expressive? To tell stories? To pretend to be someone else, and show off these characters to our family and friends? Thinking back, I think everything changes when people hit that magic age of 7: the “age of reason.”
    I’m at the point where many of my friends are starting to have children, and one common element you find in each parent’s home is the refrigerator filled with drawings from their child. Heck, even if you aren’t a parent, if you know children you probably have a piece of artwork hanging on your wall. Or a batch of photos from a child’s recital. Or a video from a school play. Parents and family members weep happily at the sight of a child expressing him/herself in an artistic way.
    And then, at some point, this stops. Parents stop encouraging artistry. Drawings are removed from refrigerators and videos are

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