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  • Can Quitting Help Your Acting Career?

    Have you ever wanted to quit? I have. I did. Three times to date I have walked away. Each time, as the cliché goes, “they keep pulling me back in.” Did that help my career? I don’t necessarily think so. However, I do know that walking away or saying no had always been a great thing for who I am as an actor who won’t be beaten down.
    Let me use a few examples. The first being my best friend Nicole who I haven’t mentioned before. She was in her late 20s with no TV credits and a top-level manager who was not doing anything for her. Once she stopped depending on him and what anyone could do for her, she took matters into her own hands. It took almost three years (nothing in Hollywood terms) to make things happen, but this year has been nothing short of amazing. That is because she walked away and gave up on all the empty promises that were made. She now has a hugely successful Web series and a feature that is currently in production. 
    Another friend who has over 40 major credits on IMDb and an impressive résumé found that the ups and downs as well of the lack of work coming his way wasn’t worth him stressing over. So he left Hollywood and moved his family to Northern

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