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  • 5 Tips for Vocal Health

    Before entering the medical profession, Montefiore Medical Center otorhinolaryngologist Dr. Melin Tan-Geller worked as a pianist, equipping her with a singular approach to the intersection between performance and vocal care.
    What advice do you have for optimal vocal performance?In general they should always warm up really well and cool down properly before rehearsals and performances, just like any other athletes would warm up and stretch prior to a race or game. Also, really good hydration. Lots of water and avoid instances of anything they identify as an irritation to their voices—and that’s usually something really specific. Some singers say it’s milk and dairy, others say it’s caffeine. But figure out a known irritant and eliminate it. Also, in the winter, oftentimes having a humidifier at the bedside helps, along with six to eight hours of time where you’re quiet and your voice can restore itself.
    What do many performers not know about their voices?A lot of singers don’t know or haven’t had the opportunity to learn what their larynx looks like and how it works. I think that at some point in their careers, if they take their voices seriously, just having an evaluation of their

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