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  • 6 Ways to Nail Your Voiceover Audition

    The audition room is a pressure cooker. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first audition or your hundredth one, or if it’s for voiceover or a pilot. You’ll no doubt run into an old friend who you now kinda hate, an ex-boyfriend who tells you he just got engaged, or that same actor you see at every freakin’ audition. So how do you stay calm and focused and make your first take your best for your voiceover audition? 
    1. Warm up ahead of time. Don’t be the pretentious actor doing vocal warm-ups in the crowded waiting room. You need to take care of all the diction, mouth, and vocal warm-ups before you arrive. Get it done at home, on the subway, in your car, or on the street—just do it. Then you can arrive to the audition and step into the voiceover booth ready to go. 
    2. Get your head in the script. Just because you’re at a voiceover audition doesn’t take the pressure off. You need to arrive early to look at the voiceover sides and familiarize yourself. It’s not like a regular audition where you will get the sides sent ahead of time. So put in your earbuds, grab a pencil, and get your head in the script. Tell your friends in the waiting room that you can meet up

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