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  • 4 Steps to Productive Practicing

    Are you exercising enough? You might think I am referring to going to the gym, but I assure you, there’s no treadmill, weights, or rowing machine here! The regimen of which I speak has more to do with exercising your acting skills than anything else. For many actors, creating characters, going to improv classes, reading copy, and auditioning is all part of a healthy, consistent workout. Here are things you can do to make rehearsing and honing your skills a regular part of your life and professional development. 
    1. Make it consistent. How do you become a better actor than you were the day before? A lot of it comes down to time and commitment, which for many of us means forming a new habit. Practicing needs to be habitual. Any actor working today knows that dedication is a primary ingredient for a habit to take root. In order to succeed here, you’ll need to find a set time each day when you can invest in your professional development. Consider doing vocal exercises during your daily commute, or if you’re a night owl, train when everyone else in your home has gone to bed. Whatever you do, find a time that works consistently and stick to it. Something else that will help you is to practice in the same

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