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  • 5 Keys to Getting Seen via Facebook

    Much like Google, Facebook works very hard to provide its users with the most relevant content. Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. It’s truly all about connecting us—our planet, industries, and interests. 
    Now, you could argue that you don’t always care about what shows up on your News Feed (like your high school teacher’s latest casserole). However, if you thought about it, you’ve probably seen that Facebook truly customizes its ads and News Feed from your recent activity.
    All Facebook rants aside (which I’m sure this post will inspire), this customization is a good thing. It’s responsible for the proliferation and success of Facebook. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so addictive. It’d become annoying if Facebook didn’t work so hard to connect you with the people and things they think you care about. 
    EdgeRank was the name of the algorithm used to determine what content gets shown in your News Feed. In 2011, Facebook stopped using that word internally—but it’s still social media vernacular. As of 2013, Facebook used more than 100,000 factors in a now untitled calculation. Its News

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