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  • 5 Reasons You Didn’t Book That Last Audition

    You practiced, practiced, practiced…but still, no Carnegie Hall. So, what happened? 
    Here are five reasons you probably didn’t book that last audition.
    1. Your audition lacked the use of “Yes…and!” Doing “everything they asked for” at the audition and nothing more is not what scores you the job.
    Improvisation is vital to everything you do as an actor and voice talent, and that’s due greatly to this concept known as “Yes… and!”
    In other words: Agree with the reality posed in the script, and add to it.
    The “and” in every performance equation is you! Thus, “yes…and!” Ignoring or denying this crucial step is as fruitless as attempting to ignore the elephant in the room. Yes, agree with the premise or direction or what have you, but to stop there is to stop offering any real point of view. And your point of view is critical to your performance regardless of the medium, so bring it! 
    2. No risk means no reward. It takes confidence to risk. In fact, without risk there really is no success at all. Therefore, it stands to reason, to succeed at anything you must risk…a lot. There’s nothing safe in “playing

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