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  • 5 New Ways to Think About Creating

    I think the most important thing to remember about creating—and life itself—is that you have to be out in the world. Creating occurs with people, through people; sharing and being of service. If you’re constantly in your head thinking creativity looks a certain way or you have to get to some magical “place” before you can create, you’ll keep missing the mark. Life is constantly giving us opportunities. The question is: Do we shut down to them or participate? 
    1. You can’t go it alone. We need each other. Sometimes creativity occurs not the way you think it will. What seems, at first, to be a total disaster can reveal wonderful insights about moving beyond our egos and staying connected. Remember that the things we make a big drama of, often have a way of working themselves out. And if you stay open, you’ll see that other people want to help you in ways you generally assume they don’t. 
    2. Be nice. Seems obvious, but why is it we often aren’t? I think sometimes this business rewards bad behavior and people get a free pass even when they’re acting like 2-year-olds. But science has proven that we’re our most creative when we work from a place of

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