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  • What Makes You Creative?

    I recently had the honor of becoming a member of the casting director branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The Academy has created a wonderful series called “Creative Spark,” in which they follow members of the organization and have them explain what drives and inspires them to create. Thus far they’ve interviewed costume designers, writers, directors, directors of photography, and producers. It’s so fascinating to peek inside the brain of someone so creative.
    Late last year they asked to do a featurette on me. They wanted to follow me around for the day and watch me casting, coaching, going through submissions, and dig into my process. After watching several of these “Creative Spark” videos of my colleagues, I don’t mind telling you I was a bit intimidated. They were so articulate in explaining their processes. So much of what I do comes from a gut feeling—it’s an instinct I have honed over many years as a casting director.
     In my work I get to be creative when I’m casting a project and come up with ideas for who should inhabit the role. The script gives me subtle clues as to which direction to go and who to give a chance to audition. I work

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