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  • Why Do You Create?

    That’s a good question to ask ourselves. 
    What is it we’re seeking? Why do we desire to tell stories? What’s the purpose of our being here and exploring who we are?  
    I heard this interviewer explain that Zayn Malik from One Direction shouldn’t be leaving the group now that, “he’s got fame and fortune and everything he could ever want.” 
    Sorry, it’s not everything we want. When will people get this? That’s not why we create. 
    Look, those things are fine. But they’re not sustainable. The external end results of doing something are transitory. We don’t create to get things. We create for creating’s sake. 
    Matthew Weiner, the creator of “Mad Men” says, “We have a desire to make something out of the feelings we have.”
    That’s it. Whether it’s writing poetry or singing a song or acting a scene or painting on a canvas, we’re imbuing the moments of our creation with our own self. That self is a feeling self. From a deeply profound level of self-expression, that’s it—that’s why we’re doing it. 
    It gets tricky because we constantly use monetary value as the yardstick

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