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  • 4 Time-Saving Tricks for Facebook and Twitter

    We all know what a rabbit hole social media can be. On most networks, you’re supplied with an endless stream of content, digging deeper and deeper into the past as you just keep scrolling. On other networks, you’re supplied with only one piece of content at a time. Swipe the wrong way and it disappears forever! The endless surprises make it all addicting.
    In addition to the “ick” factor that I discussed last week, many people avoid social media for the purpose of productivity. Today I would like to share four ways to save time using social media!
    Facebook Friend ListsFacebook works hard to provide you with a high quality experience. However, it can’t perfect context or control all of its users’ content. As such, take control of your own Facebook experience!
    On the Web version, scroll down the left column and look for “friends” and then click “more.” You should now see a number of places you’ve worked and other lists that Facebook has created for you. You may see Facebook friend lists for family, close friends, acquaintances, etc. Look for the “+ create list” in the top right corner to create your own list.
    Create a list for your career. Perhaps name

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