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  • How to Approach Gifting Your Agent

    Most careers have fun perks, but being an agent is the best. Free swag and invitations are constantly pouring into my office. I can’t begin to guess how much money I’ve saved over the years.
    At this point, I can get free tickets to pretty much anything that involves an actor. Guys like me never shell out money for plays or comedy shows. All we have to do is call and ask—it’s that easy.
    This is wonderful because I’m single and that means my dating bills are cut in half. You can bet your last headshot that every time my name appears on a comp list, the words “plus one” are right next to it.
    The best part is that I’m not just limited to shows in town. Once, I was visiting some friends in Chicago and I scored free tickets for all of us to visit the best theater companies in town, including Second City, where the cast bought us a round of drinks.
    Sadly, my company doesn’t have an office in New York but I know a lot of people who do. This means every time I’m back East, I get hooked up with tickets to Broadway shows. Those are rarely free but they’re always house seats and who can argue with that?
    The only time my request for free tickets got turned down was during

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