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  • 6 Ways to Make Your Self-Submission Stand Out

    I’m one of those casting directors that doesn’t mind if actors get the breakdowns any which way they can. It may be “illegal,” but it’s certainly resourceful. Actors cannot submit online like agents and managers do unless casting directors release a breakdown to public boards, so email is the most timely method of self-submitting. Here are some ways to stand out from the crowd.
    1. Name drop. Do you know anyone involved with the project and do they know your work? Do you know someone already cast that can vouch for your work? Give it to us in the first paragraph. Is the role you’re submitting for a co-star? Guest star? What have you been cast in/called back for on the level of the role for which you’re submitting? Let us know.
    2. Curate clips. Make our lives easier. Give us two-to-three links to clips of your work in the submission email that feature you (specifically the type, energy, genre, etc., for the role(s) for which you’re submitting.
    3. Stress your street cred. Do you have any real-life experience that makes you a perfect fit for this role? Do tell. This includes where you grew up. For example, Is it a Midwestern storyline and you grew up in Minnesota? The character is a

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