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  • 22 Questions Secret Agent Man Wants Actors to Answer

    The word “why” can be used many ways. It can be a noun, an interjection, even a conjunction, but for the purposes of this column, I’d like to use it as an adverb.
    You see, I’m very familiar with the word “why” because I say it—sometimes scream it—on a regular basis. And when that word leaves my mouth, it’s usually paired with a roll of the eyes or a shaking of my fist.
    In any case, it’s rarely a good thing.
    Finding success as an actor isn’t easy. Sadly, it gets even harder when actors insist on getting in their own way. And it’s always the little things that trip them up, the same things that make me use the word “why” over and over and over.
    So here’s a candid look at all the different ways I’ve used the word during a typical workweek:
    Going through submissionsWHY would an actor send me an email that’s longer than my favorite short story?WHY would an actor tell me someone I’ve never heard of referred him?WHY would an actor send me a dead link to his website?WHY would an actor send me a link to a website that’s still under construction?
    During meetingsWHY would an actor show up late without calling?WHY would an

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