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  • 6 Ideas for When YourName.com Is Taken

    I understand the pain when someone’s taken your name as a domain, email address, or social media handle—especially when they’re not really using it or trying to make a name for themselves!
    When your name is already registered, it’s time to get creative! Here are some ideas and combinations to try, using my information as an example.
    1. TonyHowell. My first choice is your first and last name. Whether that’s a domain, email address, or social media handle, it’s super professional and allows your content to speak on your behalf. 
    If you have a unique first or last name, this entire article is probably irrelevant. Consider yourself very lucky and send your parents a thank you note!
    2. Tony_Howell or Tony-Howell. The order of this list is subjective, but if YourName is taken, my next preference is to put a dash or underscore between your first and last name.
    3. TonyRHowell or TonyRichardHowell. Add your middle initial or full middle name and you expand the possibilities. What are the odds that the other people with your name have the same middle name? (I’m actually Anthony Richard, but you get the point!)
    4. TonyTweets, TonyInstagrams, or TonyActs. You may find it possible (and fun)

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