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  • The Way to Become a Successful Actor

    You want success as an actor so bad. You’ve sacrificed so much, chose the road less travelled, and have dedicated your life to cracking this industry and being a working actor. And it’s really hard. Beyond the Olympic-level training and relentless hustle required to compete, you have to constantly steel your insides so that you can keep suiting up every day and facing this mountain that looms before you. 
    We see your drive, your constant fight. We see the way you bounce back from the rejection, or even just pretend that it’s not getting to you. We see you in class every week, ready to get back in the gym to do bold work. We see you in the audition room, struggling to fight through your nerves with strong choices that offer your vulnerability. We see you. You’re a fighter. We get it. 
    And while we honor your resolve, we also know that in order to be a successful actor, it is imperative that you create space in your life and your work. Your entire life can’t be about the pursuit and the fight. As counterintuitive as it may feel for you to ease up on the pursuit of your goal and to step back, doing just that is the fuel required to maintain confidence, keep the bitterness at bay, and

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