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  • #Nollywood Entertainment #Nigeria News: Celebrity Prophet Urges Support for PMB

    Abuja-based Prophet Emmanuel Omale, who is the General Overseer of Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministries has prophesied the current hardship in the country will soon be over and admonished Nigerians to support the government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

    In his 2016 prophesies which he unfolded to a large audience of members of his congregation in Abuja a few days back, he declared unequivocally by the middle of 2016, there would be money in circulation and all the present hardship would gradually ease off.

    “President Buhari will be the best president the country ever had and he will lay super structure foundation that will lead to economic growth and development for Nigeria,” he pointed out, adding by 2020, Nigeria would become the envy of nations all over the world.

    Omale said despite the current agitation for Biafra, Nigeria would remain one entity as the whole disagreement would be resolved amicably and the country would wax stronger with Buhari implementing elements of the National Confab reports. In the midst of all the challenges confronting the country, he said he saw Nigeria winning several international awards.

    The prophet also declared that the year 2016 would witness the ‘falling’ of many billionaires in the country that made their money through dubious means as several of them would be jailed and their properties confiscated. In their place, he said, would raise a new group of young billionaires who would be a marvel to many.

    On Boko Haram, he said the group would gradually fizzle out as its power had tremendously been reduced, pointing out, however, that a top military personnel would die in the final combat to rout out the terror group.

    A state governor from the South East should pray against bereavement while Nigerians should pray against same in the house of a former military ruler as well as a prominent leader in the Middle Belt. In the same vein, a top Nollywood female star should pray against a ghastly road accident, armed robbery attack and high blood pressure. Also, a former governor’s wife in the South-South should pray against bereavement and detection of terminal illness, he also prophesied.

    He advised that Niger Delta militants should not allow themselves to be used against this government, saying he saw two prominent ones die in mysterious circumstances. Also, he said three of the leaders of the militants should pray against heart-related death very close to their birthdays. The prophet said a certain strongman would rise to become a leader of the zone and none in recent times ever would be as powerful as him. He urged Nigerians to also pray against an oil field in the zone burning for a long time if not handled carefully.

    Omale also declared seeing an unstable Senate riddled with crises while the House of Representatives waxed stronger with all lingering issues resolved. He advised the speaker to continue his fatherly role despite attempts to cause a rift between him and his deputy which he said would lead to the reconstitution of committees of the house. This is even as he talked about ten PDP senators defecting to the ruling APC.

    Taraba State should pray against very serious civil unrest and violence, same for Kaduna as well as Plateau states, he said. Kogi State should equally pray against confusion as he said he saw several governors angling to be sworn in. He also talked about heavy flooding in Middle Belt and South-South states just as he cautioned that a governor’s wife in the South should be careful not to allow a female best friend lead her into a serious scandal.

    Two newly appointed ministers would be involved in a financial scandal that would see bring about their sack and imprisonment. Also two serving senators should pray against scandalous revelations which can lead to heart attack. He also prophesied a lot of money embezzled by officials of past government would be eturned openly and this would be followed by 17 months of prosperity for Nigeria as oil price would improve.

    He further declared “God says Sokoto is now the centre of peace for Nigeria”, adding he saw prominence for their leaders in national affairs. He told Muslim leaders to pray against confusion in their religion as various sects would try to introduce a new and twisted doctrine.

    Warning that two northern governors should avoid early morning flights from January to April, he also advised aviation authorities to be security conscious so as to avert terror attack. Nigerians, he also said, should pray to prevent deadly livestock virus that may decimate a lot of livestock, thereby causing widespread famine.

    He urged Nigerians to also beg Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to jettison two crippling strikes that would shake the country. This is as he prophesied a crisis in NUPENG. He advised investors to look at telecoms and allied services, saying he saw many telecoms billionaires emerging and displacing oil billionaires. He also foretold the price of properties crashing in cities like Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt and three banks crashing and their top management staff going to prison.

    Omale also prophesied the Super Eagles will soar this year, but added that Oliseh required co-operation from his assistants to prevent internal sabotage.

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