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  • #Nollywood Entertainment #Nigeria News: Remarkable Things Mark Zuckerberg Said in Nigeria

    Photo: Daily Trust
    Mark Zuckerberg.

    Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, who visited Nigeria during the week and interacted with developers and entrepreneurs in Lagos may have left the country, but we have lots to remember of his short visit.

    He said some noteworthy things about his visit to Nigeria:

    1. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are both different. People feel comfortable using WhatsApp because it’s fast, you’ll probably find it easier to use WhatsApp – it’s focused on being a utility while Messenger is all about expression. We will leave them both to leverage on their strengths.

    2. One of the things we are incredibly proud of is that 60 million businesses use Facebook, for free. That’s historic

    3. Having an engineering style growth thing, and not a traditional business way of solving problems, was a really powerful way we’ve addressed Facebook’s problems.

    4. The ecosystem will keep getting better, it may be in 10-15 years but in the future we will have AR products that can be able to put virtual stuff on it – it will get to a point that those kind of glasses will cost 100 dollars, instead of what Oculus costs now – 600 dollars. Anything that is a screen, a game does not have to be physical. That is what I have in my mind of where I want the world to be.

    5. I love being here, but I miss my daughter. Being able to get pictures and videos of her from Priscilla, her mother – who is with her and her on a swing etc – really makes my day. That’s what connecting families is all about.

    6. People will run into me on the streets and say, “I met my wife on Facebook, now we have this baby.”

    7. Nollywood sounds like a national treasure – being able to create content that is moving and creative – there’s no way this place doesn’t end up being a place that contributes to shaping every part of the world. Now that we’re here, we’ll be visiting Nollywood to see how you do things.

    8. I ate pounded yam but Ime said I have to eat it with one hand and saw something in the soup and its snail. I don’t come to Nigeria often – so I ate the snail.

    9. The world needs to come here and see the amazing things happening here. This is where the future is going to get built.

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