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  • 6 (Affordable!) L.A. Neighborhoods for Actors

    “Affordable” and “Los Angeles” may sound oxymoronic, particularly if you’re reading this as a person who lives outside of L.A. or the country’s other major cities. It is true that, relative to the rest of the U.S., L.A. is pretty pricey. However, there is some major price-point disparity from neighborhood to neighborhood when it comes to housing.
    But whether you’re an actor currently living in the City of Angels or a prospective Angelino looking to make the move, there’s a lot to consider when choosing which neighborhood to make your own, including affordability, cultural and culinary offerings, and beyond. Below, we present six of L.A.’s best neighborhoods for the working actor, so you can save your energy for audition preparation (and finding parking).
    Los FelizThough it’s a bit on the nose, it’s also no surprise that “feliz” translates to “happy.” Los Feliz (pronounced “fee-liss”) is somewhat of a unicorn neighborhood in L.A. in that it’s one of the few areas of the city best traveled on foot. (Does that do anything for you, New Yorker reading this, contemplating moving west?). Featuring a bevvy of dive bars, movie

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