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  • Don’t Be a Waiter, Work Within Your Industry

    Hollywood can be tough. All those clichés are cliché for a reason. Very few actors, if any, are truly “overnight sensations.” And while you’re busy paying your dues, you usually need to work. But you don’t need to wait, which I mean in both senses of the word: delaying an action and serving customers at a restaurant.
    One of the things I’ve come to realize is that working in the industry you want to be a part of is key, even if it’s not in the specific capacity you’re pursuing. You want to act. You want to do it professionally. As an actor, your job is to create characters, be involved in worlds and stories that say something. So on your way up the ladder and between acting jobs, why not considering getting a job in that same world?
    Sure, you can be a waiter or bartender— many do. But that sort of work doesn’t really help to forward or contribute to your career. The world of film and TV is your arena. It’s your goal. It’s where you belong. And working in it will not only enhance your skills, but it also put you in the position to be rubbing elbows with others in the same field, with future friends and colleagues who also want to learn and

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