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  • 5 Things to Know Before Stepping on a TV Set

    A TV set is full of traps for actors. If you don’t have your wits about you and know what you’re getting into, it’s easy to let it get in the way of your work. But with a little research and a deeper understanding of how it all works, you can make any TV set your home. Here are five things that you need to know before you step on a TV set.
    1. “Cut! Moving on!”  A TV set can move fast. Budgets, daylight, the lead actor’s contract that states he be shot out by 2 p.m. every day, etc., are all reasons they need to get their shots quickly. No one has time for you to not know your lines or need five takes to warm up. You better show up ready to rock even though you may not have had a rehearsal. So TV acting assumes you’re working on your craft before you show up to set so you’re limbered up and ready to go. Oddly, the speed that a TV set moves is also the reason why you may wait in your trailer for five hours. Because they need to make sure that you’re all ready to go as soon as they need you, they may call you to set early just to have you there. Either way, you have to be ready at a moment’s notice to knock it out of the park first time.
    2. Pace. Sure, the set moves

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