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  • What to Do After You Book a Commercial

    Actors often go for dozens of commercial auditions before landing their first one. As any casting director will be quick to point out, commercials are rarely about your acting chops—they’re also about your look, how you match the product (the real hero of the day!), if you’re tall enough, too tall, blonde, perhaps not blonde enough…the list goes on!
    All this to say that it’s truly wonderful when you do book a commercial. Your agent calls and suddenly, you’re off to film the commercial job you just auditioned for. After you’ve poured the bubbly and celebrated, it’s time to get your head around the practical side of commercials and what to do once you get there. 
    Personal prep: Unless told otherwise, turn up showered, with hair clean and dry, and sans makeup on. Make sure your beard is trimmed to how wardrobe has specified, or that you are clean-shaven. If they didn’t say, they hired you based on what you looked like at the audition so look like that when you show up on set. 
    Be on time and be ready: Commercials aren’t like films in that there is a lot less glamour, and it’s always very busy on set with tight schedules. When you arrive (early,

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