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  • Why You Can’t Be Too Hard on Yourself as an Actor

    If there is one lesson I could have given myself, when I started working in this industry, it would have been to maintain balance. 
    I’ve always been a person that works obsessively when passion is involved. I come from a household where my parents were professional athletes—and thus, I was inspired to push myself to the limit and to try with all my heart to become one of the best in whatever I’d choose to do in life. In my case, that meant trying to become the best actor I could be. That mentality proved to be very helpful over the years, but it admittedly took me awhile to distinguish the hidden lesson that comes along with it.
     Fresh out of acting school in New York, with the above-described mentality in mind, I immediately dove into a phase of obsessing about working towards my goal of being able to play full, complex characters and financially support myself fully from it as soon as possible. That was the dream, and in my mind, it couldn’t happen fast enough.
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    What I didn’t realize is that by focusing all of my energy and attention exclusively on acting (that meant classes, workshops, watching movies, accent reduction, voice improvement,

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