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  • How (and Why) to Show Casting Directors Some Love

    It often feels like casting directors are unapproachable, almost like the great and powerful Oz. Many of them have limited accessibility; most of the time they’re working their asses off, dawn to midnight. Or they’re taking a few well­-deserved precious hours to be with their families. Or they’re out there hustling for a job just like you.
    But what we really want you to remember about CDs is that they are working their asses off in often-underappreciated jobs, they need you, and they’re human.
    You may not realize the extent of the work that happens in a casting office.With growing technology and the speed that comes with it, the workload of a CD has doubled without extra staff or payment. Casting teams are asked to be accessible days, nights, and weekends, sometimes for months on a single project. On top of that, they’re often the recipients of the frustrations of a show creator, director, executive, agent, or manager. The demands of the job are greater than ever.
    Casting directors rarely get the appreciation, credit, or compensation they deserve.Rarely do CDs hear, “Thank you so much for your tireless work and talent.” Most industry folks don’t even really know what casting

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