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  • Why Meisner Is so Much More Than Repetition

    Many people will say they have had exposure to the Meisner technique. They might say things like, “I did some Meisner, I did a little of that repetition.”And while there is repetition in the Meisner training, that’s only for the very start of its instruction.When an actor starts out with Meisner, repetition is used to ensure their attention is off of themselves and that they’re fully listening and answering. This results in the actor being able to fully and freely respond unselfconsciously. While this is one of the foundations of good acting, it’s still only the beginning of the Meisner training.Sadly, Meisner is often reduced to the smallest part of the technique: actors thinking it’s only repetition or improvisation. But the reality is that the brilliance of Meisner is that he introduces advanced principles for character interpretation and script analysis from the very beginning. By the time the actor has delved into the works of Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, John Patrick Shanley, and Shakespeare, the complex principles for approaching these sophisticated works have all been covered thoroughly.
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    So what comes after “that repeating

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