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  • How to Work With a Special Effects Makeup Artist (Fake Blood Included!)

    Special effects can be a tedious, delicate, and time-consuming art form (trust me, I’ve been working with special effects makeup in film for 14 years). And in an industry where time is money, it’s easy for a special effects makeup artist to feel the pressure—especially when you feel like the whole production is waiting on you.
    To help a makeup artist use his or her time as efficiently as possible and to help alleviate stress, the best thing an actor can do is show up on time and ask any questions before sitting down in the chair. Remember: Sometimes actors are in makeup for hours, so it’s important to mentally prepare yourself for the process, use the bathroom before you get started, and make sure you’ve eaten.
    Come prepared for special effects makeup application and try to ensure there are as few interruptions as possible—i.e., don’t check your phone every five minutes—to allow the artist to stay focused and maintain timing. And if you do need to get up, adjust your body, or even sneeze, let the artist know!
    If you’re working with fake blood, get ready to have some fun! Depending on the effect the production is going for, there are several different types that all need to

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