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  • How the Right Color in Your Headshot Will Get Casting to Notice You

    While a stimulating headshot is important, I often place meaning and communication above that. Of course, I opt to have both where possible but because colors carry associations, the right color can cause a knee-jerk reaction for casting, helping them see you as a viable candidate for the roles you’re right for.
    Clients who have the luxury to shoot several looks are able to target more comprehensively and make bolder choices with color. Ever notice that Olivia Pope, Kerry Washington’s character on “Scandal,” often wears white dresses and coats? This is because viewers subliminally perceive white as a hero tone and Olivia Pope is positioned as a gladiator, a hero to be looked up to. White is a deliberate choice used to drive home this message to the audience.
    Similarly, Hank and Marie Schrader’s home in “Breaking Bad” is covered in purple pillows, purple couches, purple drapes, etc. Viewers subliminally perceive purple as a color of passion and Hank is a detective with a passionate, almost neurotic obsession with Heisenberg. Below is a run-through of colors, their meanings, and how each one can be used to effectively communicate something in your

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