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  • The 1 Way to Distinguish Real Opportunities from Distractions

    My dear friend and mentor Ryan Basham constantly asks me if an “opportunity” I’m considering is really just a distraction. If you’re a talented/likable human being, “opportunities” will come your way. The longer you’re around and the more you develop your skills, the more they will come your way. 
    I ran into this a couple years ago. I was cranking away here in la la land, moving my acting career forward and chugging along, when out of the blue a director friend of mine came to me and asked if I would be a producer on his film and support in getting it funded. I was flattered. I was excited. And I started spending more and more time researching, strategizing, and doing whatever I could to get this film made. 
    So what’s the problem? For me, everything seemed hunky dory, until I looked back at my vision and goals for the year, and realized that nowhere on that huge list had I declared anything about producing. Moreover, the movie wasn’t going to have me in it as an actor, nor was it going to directly do anything to get me on screen. Now, was it potentially a “cool” thing? Sure. Would it be better than sitting on my couch eating Funyuns? Of course. But at

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