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  • 3 Reasons Why Listening Is the Most Important Part of Acting

    I’ve been in casting rooms over the years where the decision as to who will get the job is in a seemingly unbreakable stalemate based on the reading. Half the room is convinced Actor A is the best choice and the other half feels as strongly about Actor B. 
    One way I’ve seen the tie broken, is to watch the tape of the two people again and turn the sound down to see who had the more connected listening and brighter reactions. It never failed to be a unanimous decision after that.
    More than half your job, if you get it, will be listening and reacting. In the audition, you have to show them that you are up capable of making that half of your job more alive and vital than anyone else. 
    Here are three ways listening will help you get the job:
    1. Listening shows who you really are. If you’ve worked correctly on preparing your piece for the audition, you’ll have an intent that drives you through the piece, personal and evocative relationships and choices that make it clear the unique qualities that you have to offer the role. Great! That will go a long way to making a good impression in the room. But will that alone get you the job? No. Those decisions are all about the words, and let’s face

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