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  • Booking Is a Separate Beast

    In all the years that I have been working as an actor, I cannot recall ever completely duplicating my audition during a shoot. Inevitably something gets changed. So much so sometimes I think to myself, “This is so different from my audition, why did they even pick me?” The answer is simple. Booking is a separate beast! When you understand that booking a job is not necessarily how you’re going to shoot the job, then you will start separating out the two and see booking as it’s own art form. Trust me on this, guys, I have booked over 40 films and 30 television shows, in addition to helping actors book when I was a personal manager for nine years, personally coached thousands of actors for 20 years, and witnessed them booking big jobs! I actually have 18 series regular student bookings since last January.
    So what constitutes a booking? Well, it would take an entire “War and Peace”-sized gigantic book to describe that one to you, but what I will tell you is that you have to be dynamic. Actors are so afraid of “going over the top” that they actually put a cap on their own performance. Did you know that going over the top is simply not being in truth? If you are in exact truth according

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