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  • 8 Ways for Actors to Employ a Navy SEAL Mindset

    I personally believe that as an actor, you have to think like a Navy SEAL. You have to have sharp mental focus and not be knocked off your dreams or your mission by anybody or anything.
    Navy SEALs are the most well-trained special force in the world. In order for you to become a Navy SEAL you must endure six months of torturous runs, swims, no sleep, and tremendous amounts of physical and mental harassment around the clock. You are harassed by professionally trained warriors who seek to find the weak of mind and body and eliminate them from ever becoming a Navy SEAL. The fail rate is around 80 percent. 
    And while becoming a Navy SEAL may seem completely unrelated to our worlds as actors and artists, the lessons of surviving in an environment of continued stress, chaos, failure, and hardships are related. If we can learn to think like a Navy SEAL when we are faced with obstacles, we too can become extraordinary and accomplish great things. 
    Here are eight lessons every SEAL learns in training that can help you in your career.
    1. Always make your bed. By making your bed you complete the first task of the day and it gives you confidence to complete another task and another. In acting, especially when we are so

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