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  • 7 Tips for Effectively Using Cue Cards in Auditions

    Commercial auditions can be an absolute blast… until you forget your lines. As all experienced actors know, you cannot take your commercial copy into the audition room. But you can learn how to use a cue card to your advantage! These tips will help.
    1. DO find the where the cue card is located. Normally, it is directly next to the camera.  
    2. DO review the cue card and particularly observe where the key words or phrases are. Just in case you forget your place, you can immediately identify those key words on the page and pick up where you lost your place. You should normally have time to review the cue card as the casting director or assistant looks up your Casting Frontier information before your slate.  
    3. DO NOT skip over your scene partner’s lines while you review the card. If you are familiar with everyone’s lines, you will know what your cue line is! Knowing your partner’s lines will also help you listen and react appropriately. 
    4. If you walk into a room and the casting director is ready to film immediately, you may ask the casting assistant for a second to read the cue card before your slate. This should not take long (just a second), because you should have already reviewed

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