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  • 5 Tips for Standing Out in the Business

    Many young actors right out of a drama or conservatory training program are still in a student mindset- in classes—following the rules and waiting for the teachers to tell them what to do.
    “Get a headshot and résumé, submit for jobs.” That’s great advice when starting out. But then what?
    Actors at this level feel they should “do what they’re supposed to do” so they follow the crowd asking other actors (often classmates), “Where did you get your headshot?” “What classes are you taking?” “What casting sites should I sign up with?” “How do I get my star meter up on IMDB?”
    It’s all the same tactic—in lieu of getting the right advice from top marketing professionals, they follow the herd, other beginner actors.
    But in the reality of show business, those who are exceptional, different, and memorable are the ones who will eventually be more successful—especially if they build a large network of industry professionals who know and remember them. Unique sells. Original sells. Following the herd—trying to fit in—is not a successful strategy.
    The hallmark of a truly creative person is being

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