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  • 11 Reasons to Move to Los Angeles

    It’s the age old question: I want to be an actor. Should I move to Los Angeles? Yes, of course you should…at some point. The question is when and how do you know? As someone who has moved there…then left…then moved back…and now floats in and out, I have a few suggestions as to how you can decide on when it is time to move to the epicenter of entertainment.
    1. When you can’t get any bigger at home. It’s no accident that NBA players like LeBron James are highly recruited as early as elementary school. One way or another, the cream rises to the top. A good indication you are someone who will do well in L.A. is if you are attracting a lot of attention right now. Work as hard as you possibly can and make connections where you live. Once you start to feel your status changing from, “What’s your name again?” to “You would be perfect for this,” it might be time to bust a move.
    2. Because you need to grow up. Sometimes the only way we can really grow is by leaving the nest. Some of us are so surrounded by love, we never get exposed to anything that can hurt us and you have to experience adversity to understand it and entertainment is the personification of

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