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  • Why Actors Need to Believe

    I was teaching at our New York studio a few days ago and had what I thought was a thunderous aha moment.
    In this amazing, beautiful, miraculous universe in this incredibly energetic, dynamic, wonderful city filled with so many creative people doing their things…why don’t we believe that what we want is possible? 
    I mean, really believe.
    If the universe can generate the correct nitrogen-hydrogen-oxygen combination to sustain us…
    If a mosquito can find you and pluck you out of the darkness and do it’s vampiric work on you…
    If you can think of someone you haven’t thought of in years and then all of a sudden, out of the blue, that same person calls you…
    If you can take a flight from L.A. to NYC to Nairobi—or pretty much anywhere in the world…
    If human beings can feel and emote and dance and sing and paint and act… 
    Then don’t you think the universe can deliver to you your dream?
    The universe constantly wants to yield to us what it is we desire. The problem is, we get in the way of that happening. We doubt, we self-sabotage, we become impatient, we demand our dreams must look a certain way, we give up, we control, we don’t allow.

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