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  • The Actor’s Struggle

    This is not going to be a motivational piece about “finding your happy place” or “the art of letting go” and all that new age stuff. Let’s be real for a moment. Sometimes this business gets incredibly frustrating, and it’s easy to get down on yourself with all of the rejection that comes along with deciding to pursue acting as a career. You keep getting knocked down, and sometimes it gets harder and harder to keep getting back up and dusting yourself off. Sometimes it feels like everyone else is getting their big break, and you aren’t. You wonder if your turn will ever come.
    As we near the holidays, you know someone at the Thanksgiving table is going to toss out the infamous, “When am I going to see you on TV?” or “When are you going to get a real job?”— adding embarrassment to the stress you are already feeling. Jenna Fischer wrote an amazing article on the actor’s struggle after she booked her role as Pam on “The Office,” and how long it took for her to get that job. Nobody truly understands what it means to get the callback, and how “booking the room” is just as good at booking the job, and how exciting it is to land a role

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