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  • What Actors Can Learn From Their Reactions

    Morgan Freeman says, “Acting is reacting in my book.” 
    That’s really what it is. 
    We hear someone say something to us under different circumstances and it makes us react. We cry. We lose our shit. We laugh. We express feeling. We follow an instinct.
    Sometimes our reactions—when they aren’t planned and controlled—are surprising to us. The incredible honesty that being in the moment creates, triggers us in unexpected and very human ways. 
    This is where we want to go in our work. Always. 
    But it can also generate a conundrum. React without thinking in our work. And yet as we evolve, stop reacting mindlessly in our lives. 
    Acting isn’t asking us to be messes emotionally in our lives. It’s actually healing us into working through sticky areas we may have never faced before. Dealing with pain. Learning how to express authentic feeling. Standing up for ourselves. Communicating honestly. Owning our power.
    These things can’t be achieved when we live in chaos. Acting doesn’t support that kind of disconnect (or rather, it can), but in the kind of breakthroughs we want to achieve in our lives, acting is the catalyst to become more present with our

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