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  • 12 Steps to Consistently Brilliant Performances, Part 1

    Auditioning isn’t just a numbers game. You have to be consistently well-prepared and put up solid work in order for the numbers game to work. Otherwise, you’re blowing opportunities that you would have booked. When we’re all just one audition away from a jobs that could change the course of our careers, we can’t afford to blow a single one.
    The problem is, most actors I meet do not have a “process” they follow when preparing their work. If we think of your “craft” as your skill at being able to generate compelling acting performances, then think of your “process” as the step-by-step routine you follow to fully apply that craft to the work.
    In other words, being capable of creating great art isn’t enough, you need a workflow, a strategy, a process, that ensures your work will consistently deliver on your potential.
    More to the point, many actors I meet don’t really understand what the “work” of an actor is. Their process goes something like this: “I read the scene a bunch of times and then start memorizing my lines and then just do the scene over and over until it feels natural.”
    Oh, boy.
    I often ask my students, “Would you

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