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  • Actor Poachers, Beware

    I am starting a war. Let me say it now, and say it clearly. I will not put up with companies that take advantage of actors under the guise of providing “services” or “opportunities” or “advisement.” The gloves are off, and I am prepared to fight. So, Actor Poachers: Beware; I’m on to you.
    But, hold on. Methinks the title of this article may have a double meaning. Yes, I am warning companies that poach for actors to beware of me, but I am also asking you, the actor, to beware of them. Beware the Poachers.
    Actors are a valuable commodity. Some of my fellow artists and I have commented that actors fuel an entire industry of service providers: photographers, teachers, editors, accompanists, graphic designers, and even Yours Truly (aka business coaches). We all have our businesses because actors are pursuing theirs. And actors are known to be a desirous bunch, who will stop at nothing in their drive to succeed. It is no wonder, then, that actors are prime targets for some shady dealings. And, unfortunately, there is very little recourse for an actor when something goes wrong. Even worse, actors have been conditioned to believe that horrific behavior is something we just have to put up

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