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  • 2 Mistakes That Are Holding You Back

    I don’t know where I saw a quote recently—in a magazine somewhere or online—but it was such a beautiful and simple life philosophy that can be applied to all areas of your life—in dating, creating, career, acting. 
    But I’ve actually found that every life philosophy also holds true to acting because what is acting, really, but just a cross section of life itself? 
    This author mentioned two mistakes that hold us back. They’re themes I’ve discussed lots of times, but I thought the simplicity of it was wonderful because it deals with Starting Point A and Ending Point Z. We worry so much about all the stuff in between A and Z when it’s really just these two things that keep us from making things happen. 
    A: You’re not starting.
    Z: You’re not going far enough. 
    We don’t start things—that great novel we have an idea for, taking an acting class that’s challenging and scary, getting new headshots, moving to a city where acting and creating opportunities are greater, asking someone out on a date, calling an agent, taking a dance class, asking someone for help. 
    We let our intentions lie fallow.
    Then if we do start, we don’t

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