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  • No One Needs a Needy Actor

    Let’s face it. In most aspects of our lives we search out people who can do things for themselves. We put great value in that. We want people we are surrounded by to be as self sufficient and confident as they can—be that with our significant others, friends, loved ones and, yes, those we work with. Gasp! Could that possibly mean a casting director is looking for actors who are not only talented and professional, but also come as close to a zero on the neediness scale as possible? Yes, my friends. It absolutely does.
    I wanted to spend a moment talking about how much is too much to need when you come to our offices. I’m a huge fan of thinking about how “what you do” and “what you say” can be interpreted by others and how something seemingly as innocent as a request to borrow a stapler may become too much when requested in combination with 18 other items. Let me start out by reiterating how much I love actors and how much I really do understand the crazy audition process from your side. I was an actor back in the day…many, many days ago. (I’m almost 42 and proud of that!) As you can imagine, many of my friends are actors and my boyfriend is an actor, too. I see the actor

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