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    In New York of 1973, a passionate, young, unknown actor was introduced to a talented, emerging film director. The spark between them was such that they subsequently collaborated on no less than eight iconic films, thus forging one of the most influential partnerships in the history of cinema. And it seemed effortless.
    Jump forward to 2014…
    Sydney, London, New York, Auckland, Vancouver, Johannesburg, Copenhagen, Paris…
    Every year, wide-eyed and bushy-tailed acting graduates emerge from drama schools all over the world, hoping to be “discovered.” Thousands upon thousands of brand new 20something actors enter the industry annually, with most of them gravitating toward the nearest metropolis to seek their fame and fortune.
    Have you noticed that the demand (i.e.: number of jobs for actors) has perfectly mirrored this exponential rise in the supply (i.e.: number of graduates)? No? Well that’s because it hasn’t. In fact, the gap is yawning ever-wider on a regular basis. The majority of actors fail, or quit before they have the chance to fail.
    So do you still want to act? Well, you should, but not simply because you have faith. You should because you’re also practical.  
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