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    There are times in everyone’s career where there’s a lull—no bookings, no auditions, no calls from your agent (or no agent to call you)—where it seems your entire life has come to a halt. Sometimes it’s seasonal (there are fewer roles being cast) and sometimes it’s because you’re not in the consciousness of the most active casting directors, directors, producers, or writers. They may know you and love your work, but you haven’t reminded them recently of your existence. I know that as soon as I sent out postcards or an email blast or an invitation to a play, a film, or even a party, I’d suddenly get more auditions—a flurry of activity. I imagined the casting director or directors saying to themselves, “Gwyn! Why don’t we call Gwyn for that role? She’d be perfect!” And they did!
    So if you haven’t heard from your network recently, not to worry. Even movie stars have downtime not of their own choice. You are remembered by your last major role. The best way to get back in high gear is to produce something for yourself and create a new awareness of what you do best.
    What to produce? Where? When? How much will it cost? With whom?
    All good

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