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  • 5 Surprising ‘Soundalike’ Opportunities for Voice Actors

    Have you ever heard a celebrity voiceover only to discover that it wasn’t the real deal? Just as actors can be cast in a role because they have a certain look, opportunities exist in the business of voiceover for actors who can sound like someone else. This is commonly referred to as being a voice match, or in some circles, a soundalike.
    Being able to sound like someone else is an area of voice work that not many people think about. If this topic appeals to you, casting calls looking for talent who can sound like celebrities, musicians, pop culture icons, or politicians should be on your radar. What kind of work is out there though? Here are five market opportunities you won’t want to miss:
    1. Dubbing for film. Think of all the films produced in English that are later released in foreign countries where languages other than English are spoken. Dubbing opens up doors to voice artists who speak foreign languages and are also able to match the sound of a Hollywood actor. Did you know that there are actors in Europe who are known voice matches for specific North American celebrities and dub all of those celebrity’s roles? As a result, their voice becomes immediately recognizable to fans of the North American actor

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