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  • Why You Should Occasionally Play Hard to Get

    I’ve never been a patient person.
    When I was a little kid, I always beat my brothers and sister down to the living room on Christmas morning. The idea of waiting for them to wake up before I opened my gifts never entered my mind. That same lack of patience plagued me in high school; I wanted every first date to end with a romantic wrestle in the back seat of my Dodge. And when I was an assistant, I dreamed about making Hollywood my bitch in six months or less.
    A lifetime later, I finally understand that patience truly is a virtue. That’s a lesson every one of you should learn, because part of being an actor is enduring long periods of inactivity. There will be days when you do absolutely nothing related to your career. Weeks will go by without an audition. And months will pass without a sign you’re on the right track.
    The worst part is that when something finally does happen, you’ll feel your adrenaline kick in and you’ll start behaving like a roadrunner on coke. This kind of need to take action is especially true when you meet someone in the industry, someone who can help advance your career. In other words, someone like me.
    Last year, I was attending an opening-night party for a play my client

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