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  • 3 Ways to Beat Your Fears

    There is a lot of fear in Hollywood. I see many actors making decisions based on what they have been told to do opposed to what their instincts tell them to do. When one of my actors books I ask what they think made that happen. Not once has someone said, “I just got lucky,” or “I’m blessed.” We know how much hard work went into getting that job. The answer I get more than anything else is, “I stopped being afraid of being wrong and did what I wanted to do in the room. I brought myself to the role and stopped trying to be the breakdown. I made it work for me.“
    Educate yourself. If you want to get into film and TV then you need to be watching both. I can’t tell you how many times I hear actors say, “I don’t watch TV. ” Why? If I am doing Shakespeare then I would not approach the material in the same way I would Ibsen. If I am auditioning for “Scandal” then I need to know the style and tone of the show. I would not approach a show on AMC the way I would a show on CBS. Know the show you are going in for.
    Analyze the sides and pick them apart for any clues. Once you do, base your decisions off of what you know and then commit. 
    I had watched the

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